For sale or Barter. Or part cash part trade.


welcome to my site. Here are some items I have for sale or trade. I will be posting new items as I get them in. I love to buy sell and trade. What do you have. I like diamonds, gold, jewelry, art and ? 702 241-6987

This is a 1989 Lincoln Super Streach. Has new crushed velvet seats and interior. 45k miles is easily worth $10k to $15k make a cash offer or trade me for? Dont be shy all I can do is say no. Nice beautiful limo. Gangster style. Needs very little to be mint.RUns like new and drives even better. Has phone, driver devider, tv , ice cold air and two stereos. 

6 foot hand carved lady. Life size life like. Super Detailed/ weighs around 300 pounds. Make a cash offer is easily worth several thousand make an offer now any offer. Or trade me for ? 


Titled :Two Libertis, Peace on Earth 23"x17" framed 38"x 32", Land of the Free . two are the above sizes ,but the third one is smaller and much more rare. Because 3/4 of th 19"x15"  framed lithograph is embellished by Peter Max. Is like getting a almost complete painting. Compare I am giving you 3 authentic works of art for the price of one. Lowest priced Peter Max's on the site. . Size of the small one is 19" height and 15" width. With frame it measures 28" width height 38". All three match with the gold frames and plexiglass double matted. $6000 for all three make an offer. 

Comes with Coa from Park West Gallery and appraisal for over $9000 each in 2007. For the bigger ones. The smaller one has the COA on the back direct from Park West Gallery as pictured. This is the lowest price you will find on the net. 

Patriotic Series Two Libertis

Coa is on back like the one above. Plus comes with Coa direct from Park West and an appraisal for over $9000 from Park West Gallery. In 2007.

Two Libertis

This one has matching frame  the same as the one next to it.